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The sha is the primary animal representation of Sutekh – more commonly referred to as Set. Though there are a lot of different theories surrounding the form and origins of the sha, including close affinities to the aardvark and the tapir in particular, it is generally agreed that it represents an animal not of this world. I believe that this quite elegantly expresses the fluidity, ambiguity, curiosity, mystery, trepidation, primality and chaos that Sutekh represents. Though the boar most succinctly represents my aesthetic persona – an animal which is also associated with Sutekh, I strongly connect to the sha on a spiritual level. I consider the sha to be the most primal, esoteric and essential form of Sutekh. I resonate with the sha and other animal messengers of Sutekh because I believe that learning to embrace chaos is an essential part of what has made me the person I am, and His influence will continue to provide opportunities for me to transcend my own limitations. Though The Sha is a Kemetic mythological creature, its often misunderstood, compelling and composite nature also reflects the eclectic qualities of my spiritual and creative influences, as well as my transgressive and deviant nature.