I’m Kemetic, a seer, poet, furry, geek, and metalhead. I’m also neurodivergent with SZD, OCD, and hyperphantasia. I have a deep appreciation of independence, hedonism, history, traditional polytheism, esotericism, furries, speculative fiction, music, gaming, lifestyle, the macabre, the paranormal, and alternative subculture. I write traditional poetry on a variety of subjects and I also sometimes take on modest vector art or flag making projects from time to time. I also volunteer regularly as a cashier at a friends of the library bookstore. Some of the music genres I most enjoy include heavy metal, occult rock, goth rock, industrial rock, darkwave, synthwave, techno, dark ambient, dungeon synth, dark jazz, neofolk, and southern gothic. Where literature is concerned, I most prefer urban fantasy, historical fantasy, magical realism, science fantasy, retrofuturism, alternate history, cyberpunk, space westerns, and classic horror as well as books on ancient history, religion, and mysticism.


When I’m not writing poetry, listening to music, reading or playing video games I typically enjoy watching news, informational videos, historical documentaries, horror movies, dark comedies or satires. I often loathe cinematic adaptations of literature, so I most prefer movies and shows based on original screenplays. Horror and thrillers are some of the only exceptions for me since I think they are especially suited to visual media and the culture of horror media has both a healthy sense of humor, a lot of self-awareness and a lack of pretentiousness. My aesthetic tastes are always evolving and I frequently move between different genres and artistic mediums. Whatever the case may be, I most enjoy material made by creators that are not afraid to be bold and experimental while still respecting traditional influences. Though I am largely eclectic, I strongly favor aestheticism as an artistic philosophy; I value art of all kinds that is made more for the sake of pure expression.