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I honor and work with deities from various ancient civilizations – most especially those from Kemetic, Roman, Germanic and Gaulish culture. I have been active in the pagan and occult community for over twenty years now, and in that time I have studied not only neopaganism and polytheistic reconstructionism in particular, but also various contemporary esoteric traditions including witchcraft, hermeticism and gnosticism to name a few. My approach to spirituality is intrinsically connected not only to the deities I worship, but also to a thorough, eclectic, experimental exploration of mythology and sacred symbolism. My constant examination of these aspects of spirituality inform my spiritual gifts as a clairvoyant, and help me to provide meaningful counsel to people of various spiritual backgrounds – most favorably those who worship many gods and goddesses.


As an clairvoyant, I specialize in scrying divination with clear crystal. I prefer to use water, fire, and smoke in more formal and religious contexts as well as in private devotion. I also use pendulum, playing cards and dice systems from time to time. My scrying practice relies on direct clairvoyance, abstract symbolism, and a spiritual narrative that I explore and examine to gain insight – whether personally, for close friends, or for my clients. Though I also benefit from more tactile and fixed divination systems, my spiritual gifts most thrive in the surreal spiritual landscapes within scrying divination. Much like my gifts with poetry, my scrying sessions appear to me as a vignette or short narrative with broad and expressionistic symbolism, as well as abstract concepts and emotional states. There is often a lot to untangle from my sessions, so whether I perform my scrying privately, in person, or online, the most important part of my readings is when I’m able to talk with my clients and have a dialog about what I’ve received.

I prefer to avoid certain topics and questions when providing readings for my clients. I don’t give love readings, and I won’t use my gifts to help a client exploit society, or to harm another person. I will not give readings that feature partisan political themes or provide them to extremist clients, of any variety. The subject matter that I explore during scrying can also be quite heavy, so I will only be providing my services to mature adult clients. Moreover, it’s crucial for my clients to understand the limitations of divination, so I prefer to read for people who are self-reliant and willing to make necessary personal change where appropriate. I reserve the right to refuse future readings to clients who become too needy, or clients who continue asking the same questions without doing anything to remedy their situation.


I will be providing oracular consultation on a first come first serve basis, and I prefer to give myself at least a few days to complete them, in most situations. That said, I prefer to maintain regular communication with my clients during the whole process, whenever possible. When a potential client requests a reading from me, I take time to get to know them – much like how a good artist does with the people who commission them. If they are open to voice chat, I can provide real-time readings for my clients online while sitting at the computer. If that is not an effective strategy, or the question is particularly complex, I will provide them an offline reading within a few days of their request, and maintain online correspondence with them where we can discuss interpretations of what I received. I only provide in-person readings with local people I know personally, but it is certainly a possibility in rare instances.

I won’t be charging for my scrying sessions, or any other form of divination I might provide. I feel that requesting direct payment for spiritual services creates too many hinderances and distractions, and not requiring payment also gives me the liberty to chose my clients wisely. I can also decline to provide services to clients I’m not satisfied with and have every justification to do so. For in-person clients, I will gladly accept a modest meal or drink from a local establishment. For my online clients who choose to support me, I can provide a payment request privately through email where they can tip me however much they would like. If you are interested in receiving oracular consultation the best place to reach me is either on Discord or Telegram.