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Moonlight. It shines 
ever brightly; It glows 
on the edge of the basin.
Hauntingly gazing, the Moon, 
through the dark – with 
the light it does hasten.
Darkened, the depths of the 
water beneath it does 
shimmer with moonshine;
Mirroring all the 
crepuscular features – 
it sings to the skyline.

Blowing, the wind finds a 
path through the thicket 
of evergreen pine trees.
Greenery turning to 
darkness, it swallows the 
moonlight with great ease;
Swaying and rocking, the 
leaves and the branches – 
they dance with a measure;
Marking the coastline, the 
forest – it beckons the 
night beasts with pleasure.

Pulling the tide, as it 
fills up the heavens 
with luminous power –
Reaching the peak of 
its monstrous potential 
upon the twelfth hour;
Primal, encompassing 
fear, trepidation 
and curious urges –
This does the Moon 
in the sky represent 
every night it emerges.