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Beyond the edge of the great mists is a wild, majestic land called Mudgard. It is divided into five kingdoms. In the cold and mountainous north is Cragheim. In the arid, sandy deserts of the south are Duneheim. In the vast, verdant forests of the east is Holtheim. In the marshy west is Fenheim. In the sweeping, windy central valleys is Glenheim.

In the five kingdoms of Mudgard lives mighty boars. Boars are a cunning, tall and powerfully built people with bristly, brown fur, tusks on their snouts and eyes with a deep amber glow. Boars are an ornately adorned people. Even now, boars proudly display thick necklaces, bold tusks rings and pierced ears.

Many ages after the wars of the first tribes and the fall of ancient societies lost to time, boars still retain a wild, tenacious spirit and are enchanted with powerful magic – possessing innate affinities to either the element of air, fire, water, earth or spirit. For this reason, amulets of topaz, ruby, sapphire, emerald and amethyst are commonly worn – both to signify their alignment and to enhance their magical power.

Exploring these inherent abilities is what Albert is most keen on – both as a mage, and as a merchant scholar by trade. When Albert’s not deeply exploring the mysteries of ancient magic, under dwindled candlelight in the late hours of evening, he trades valuable scrolls, charms and all manner of spiritual supplies – as well as being a spiritual consultant and an information broker when the time calls for it.

Working on his magical craft and cultivating devotional wisdom through theurgical operations, Albert has gained a strong reputation – both among his mystical peers, eager spiritual seekers and even among common folk. Though it is known by those around him that he can be quite unpredictable and particularly headstrong, he is also regarded as very charming and extremely knowledgeable about many subjects and affairs. It’s this reputation that he hopes will serve him well on his journey through Duneheim – as he makes his way to the bazaar ahead of him.