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In immanence, both 
goddesses and gods do live
Within the world โ€“ in nature 
and machines which move;
Despite the words of bitter men, 
they need not prove
The ways that their great 
sanctity to us does give.

Inside the trite, 
polemic universities
Exists the rage of Atheists - 
whose caustic lair
Is occupied by Christian, 
propagandic prayer;
We have our faith without 
their daft perversities.

Past boundaries, 
modernity, and partisans,
Are beautified, 
illustrious divinities
Which speak to us in 
personal affinities -
In forms of both the 
mystics and the artisans. 

In cycles turn the 
seasons, like society -
Reminding us the world 
we know is fleeting here.
In blessing us, their 
presence is innately clear;
They show us timeless 
strength and pure variety.