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In my spiritual practice, my deities have a myriad of cultural manifestations – most notably deities those within Roman, Kemetic, Germanic and Gaulish mythology, but also from various other cultures. Though their elemental natures are defined by specific divine relationships and spiritual correspondences, they also manifest in other traditional, esoteric and contemporary mythological forms.


Epithets: Adad, Marduk, Jupiter, Taranis and Thunor

Amun is associated with sovereignty, the sky, storms, conflict, fertility, success, ambition and masculinity.


Epithets: Shala, Minerva, Belisama, Brigantia and Sunna

Neith is associated with wisdom, order, law, justice, marriage, and healthy relationships.


Epithets: Ashur, Shamash, Apollo, Belenos and Hama

Horus is associated with illumination, inspiration, divination, creativity, music, art, fitness, finesse and beauty, spiritual purity, order, power, prophecy and celestial fire.


Epithets: Ningal, Diana, Trivia, Epona and Eastre

Bastet is associated with divine love, nature, femininity, children, strength, magic, mysticism, the hunt and celestial lunacy


Epithets: Nergal, Ninurta, Mars, Camulos and Tiw

Set is associated with boldness, independence, strength, intensity, conflict and the power of the unknown.


Epithets: Mafdet, Mullissu, Victoria, Andarta and Modru

Sekhmet is associated with war, conflict, chaos, independence, femininity and healing.


Epithets: Khonsu, Nanna, Janus, Ogmios and Mona

Thoth is associated with intellect, writing, technology, communication, travel, commerce, transformation and magic.


Epithets: Seshat, Gula, Vesta, Nemetona and Wyrde

Maat is associated with harmony, fairness, compassion, mercy, learning, communication, writing, science, technology, civic life, healing, the hearth and all sacred spaces.


Epithets: Nabu, Mercurius, Cernunnos, Lugos and Woden

Anubis is associated with death, the underworld, wisdom, magic, mysticism, humor, commerce, travel, transitions, transformations, sincerity and sacred oaths.


Epithets: Ishtar, Venus, Rosmerta, Sirona and Frig

Hathor is associated with love, intimacy, domesticity, sexuality, crafts, ancestral wisdom, divine law, war and every sacred union.


Epithets: Tammuz, Faunus, Liber, Sucellos and Ing

Osiris is associated with desire, sexuality, fertility, agriculture, wine, intoxication, humor, creativity, theatre, prosperity, transformation, chaos, rebirth, the unknown and every sacred liberty.


Epithets: Ereshkigal, Ceres, Fortuna, Nantosuelta and Erce

Isis is associated with the harvest, agriculture, magic, time, fate, good fortune, grace, fecundity, prosperity, commerce, spontaneity, humor, optimism, and joyful ventures to be sought.