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In my spiritual practice, I experience deities as deeply syncretic beings that are a mixture of Roman, Kemetic, Germanic, Gaulish and various other mythologies. Though their elemental natures are defined by specific divine relationships and spiritual correspondences, they also manifest in other traditional, esoteric and contemporary mythological forms.


Byname: Jupiter-Amun
Epithets: Baal Hadad, Baal Hammon, Thor and Taranis
Archetype: The Sovereign
Animals: Rams, goats and eagles
Color: Blue
Virtue: Honesty

Associated with sovereignty, the sky, storms, conflict, fertility, success, ambition and masculinity.


Byname: Minerva-Maat
Epithets: Juno, Neith and Anat
Archetype: The Arbiter
Animals: Owls and quails
Color: Red
Virtue: Justice

Associated with wisdom, order, law, justice, marriage, and healthy relationships.


Byname: Horus-Apollo
Epithets: Sol, Belenos and Grannus
Archetype: The Oracle
Animals: Falcons
Color: Yellow
Virtue: Salubrity

Associated with the sun, illumination, inspiration, divination, creativity, music, art, fitness, finesse and beauty.


Byname: Basdiana-Mafdet
Epithets: Luna and Artio
Archetype: The Huntress
Animals: Cats, deers and bears
Color: Purple
Virtue: Constancy

Associated with the moon, nature, the hunt, animals, protection, divine justice and retribution.


Byname: Woden-Janus
Epithets: Lugus
Archetype: The Shaman
Animals: Wolves and ravens
Color: Black
Virtue: Wisdom

Associated with sacred wisdom through sacrifice and transitions


Byname: Frig-Vesta
Epithets: Trivia and Hathor
Archetype: The Healer
Animals: Cats
Color: White
Virtue: Purity

Associated with love, purity, crafts, the hearth dedication and domesticity


Byname: Mercurius-Anubis
Epithets: Moccus
Archetype: The Magician
Animals: Dogs, jackals, wolves, baboons and ibises
Color: Orange
Virtue: Fidelity

Associated with intelligence, communication, travel, commerce, transformation, magic, death and the underworld.


Byname: Venus-Epona
Epithets: Ishtar and Eastre
Archetype: The Charmer
Animals: Horses, cows, hares and doves
Color: Green
Virtue: Innocence

Associated with love, sexuality, fertility, magic, nature, femininity, ancestral wisdom and war.


Byname: Liber-Set-Osiris
Epithets: Sucellus, Faunus, Min and Ing
Archetype: The Liberator
Animals: Bulls and snakes
Color: Black
Virtue: Liberty

Associated with desire, fertility, agriculture, sexuality, the wild, wine, creativity, theatre, prosperity, transformation, ecstatic mysticism, the wild, independence and war.


Byname: Fortuna-Isis
Epithets: Rosmerta, Ceres, Ops and Edunne
Archetype: The Crafter
Animals: Boars
Color: Black
Virtue: Hilarity

Associated with the harvest, agriculture, time, fate, good fortune, prosperity, commerce, spontaneity, humor and optimism