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Reddening anthracite 
fills up the furnace with 
sweltering bright fire.
Boiling, the water it 
builds up the steam with 
a powerful tension –
Pushing the pistons and 
grinding the gears 
in a single dimension;
Forwardly moves does 
this massive contraption 
through force by this flyer.

Picking up speed as 
the roar of the engine 
possesses the hot air,
Outstretching wings start 
to lift as propellers 
awaken their loud turn.
Buttons and switches – 
they fill up his console 
with many he need learn;
Gripping the yokes 
in the cockpit – 
he pulls up against 
them with great care.

Further beneath him, 
the ground drifting 
lower with fields far 
and quite still –
Flight he achieves after 
many endeavors and 
failures for certain.
Feeling the joy of 
his triumph, he 
glides through the 
clouds like a curtain;
Smoke fills the air 
and is joined with the 
rain as he treasures 
his great thrill.