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In a lot of contemporary theology, and the discussions of philosophy therein, deity is often conceived of in terms that are highly dependent on not only Abrahamic monotheism, but the many variations and responses to those traditional perspectives โ€“ whether from ostensibly spiritual, esoteric or secular philosophies. But of particular… Read More »Polytheism


When I was around twenty six years old, I used to live on my own in a very small studio apartment just outside my hometown. It was a rather dark period of my life, and was just before I had to leave my place of employment to go on public… Read More »Miasma


Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to expand my horizons with many online and offline social groups. I’ve not only networked through pagan and traditional polytheist circles – making and maintaining friends and acquaintances through those avenues, but have also spent a lot of time forming connections through music,… Read More »Folklore


Imagine for a moment that you’re a young child or a teenager, and after finding that the religion you were raised with wasn’t working for you, you took your first steps into other religious beliefs. You looked into other sects of your own faith, and half a dozen World Religions,… Read More »Hermeticism