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Caliginous empyrean 
envelopes all biology;
Celestial and hauntingly – 
with emptiness it permeates.
And likened to the countless 
worlds whose shining stars 
it constellates,
The eventide eternally 
supports our whole 

The heartlessness 
of mortal men, 
whose troublesome acuity,
Engenders them, with 
fearsomeness – 
deliberately ignorant,
Atrocities of hatred, with 
the burdens of their violent
Ferocities of carelessness; 
it’s born of their vacuity.

As winter and obscurity – 
the pale and the obsidian,
The essence whose frigidity 
and bleakness has its clarity,
Enraptures with cacophonous, 
tumultuous serenity,
Their hearts are then 
encircled with the coils 
of the ophidian.