I’m a Kemetic, rocker, furry and writer from Southern California. I have a deep appreciation for history, traditional polytheism, esotericism, the macabre, the paranormal, alternative subculture, furries, geekery, speculative fiction, music, gaming, and alternative lifestyle. I write traditional, fixed verse poetry on a variety of subjects. I also volunteer regularly as a cashier at a friends of the library bookstore. Some of the music genres I most enjoy are heavy metal, occult rock, deathrock, surf rock, horror punk, psychobilly, post-rock, dark jazz, crime jazz, cool jazz, dark folk, dark classical, dark ambient, industrial, trance and techno. I also occasionally enjoy lyrical genres like gothic country and various iterations of punk, goth and heavy metal music, but I much prefer instrumental music. Where literature is concerned, I most prefer speculative fiction, alternate history, retrofuturism, and classic horror – as well as books on ancient history, religion, and mysticism.


When I’m not making art, writing, listening to music, reading or playing video games I typically enjoy watching news, informational videos, historical documentaries, horror movies, dark comedies or satires. I often loathe cinematic adaptations of literature, so I most prefer movies and shows based on original screenplays. Horror and thrillers are some of the only exceptions for me since I think they are especially suited to visual media and the culture of horror media has both a healthy sense of humor, a lot of self-awareness and a lack of pretentiousness. My aesthetic tastes are always evolving and I frequently move between different genres and artistic mediums. Whatever the case may be, I most enjoy material made by creators that are not afraid to be bold and experimental while still respecting traditional influences. Though I am largely eclectic, I strongly favor aestheticism as an artistic philosophy; I value art of all kinds that is made more for the sake of pure expression.


I consider debate to be a deeply polarizing and pointlessly semantic activity that I prefer to avoid whenever possible. I am a very passionate person with a lot of conviction but I endeavor to persuade people with personal connection rather than the spectacle of public discourse. Furthermore, I consider all extremist ideologies to be equally abhorrent and I’m not interested in hearing arguments to the contrary. I oppose any and all expressions of elitist behavior as well as gatekeeping, gaslighting, purity testing, and destructive criticism. I also oppose aggressive recruitment, proselytization, pedantry, conspiracy theories and pseudo-scholarship of any kind. I reserve the right to discuss difficult topics in private, at my sole discretion, and I would rather focus my attention on mutually beneficial social networking – rather than unnecessary drama and polemic discourse. I have plenty more exciting and rewarding activities to engage in, but I will not hesitate to confront people who repeatedly disrespect me or the people I care about.