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The Peachwood Diner

It had been several months since Jude moved away from home. Though he sometimes felt homesick, his supportive family back home encouraged him to be more optimistic about his new journey. Growing up in a busy metropolitan suburb, seeking out new prospects in such a rural area proved to be a rather difficult adjustment for him. Fortunately, with the help of a decent scholarship, he was able to afford his college courses while staying in a local dormitory. Finding work was difficult at first, but eventually he was able to find a part time job at the local library.

On one particular night, after he was done with his afternoon classes, Jude walked down the street from the college dormitory, feeling a rush of cool wind chill his slender frame as he looked for a place to eat. He walked around for a little while and eventually settled on a small, unassuming diner on the opposite corner from where the dorms were. Not wanting to call too much attention to himself, he slipped by the raucous noise of the local patrons on the front counter, finding a corner booth on the far-left side of the restaurant. Being several hours after work for a lot of the neighborhood folk, it was starting to get rather busy for the current staff at the diner, and Jude’s gentler demeanor made him easier to ignore in the crowded spot. Some time passed and a young man came out from the back kitchen, putting the final adjustments on his work apron after clocking in for his evening shift. He glanced around the restaurant to get a good idea of what he got himself into tonight, and he quickly noticed the corner table that Jude was sitting at – the only table that had not yet been served. He quickly grabbed a menu and walked around the counter area towards his table.

When the young server got to the table, he noticed a pensive young man staring out the window – fiddling with his paws a bit as he was tucked away in the far corner of the booth. He noticed that the young man was small in stature with a slender frame, with pale skin, green eyes, and a messy, medium length crop of dark brown hair between tall rabbit ears – wearing a comfy grey sweater and a charcoal-colored scarf around his neck. As Jude adjusted his position in the booth the young server took the natural opportunity to introduce himself and the restaurant.

With a bright tone he said, “Welcome to Peachwood Diner! What can I get for you today?”

A bit startled, Jude sat up in his seat, and looked directly at the server. Before he was able to speak, he was taken aback by what he saw. Though not especially imposing, the server was a tall, heavyset young pig fur with golden blonde hair in a neatly styled crew cut with warm, amber colored eyes and bright pink skin. Jude thought to himself that the server had the kind of build you would expect from someone who eats the food they serve in this kind of establishment. This thought made him feel a bit flustered, for reasons he didn’t quite understand yet, so he adjusted his focus to see that his name tag said Charles – making a mental note of it.

“Oh, sorry about that. I think I’ll just have a club sandwich and a glass of iced tea” he said in a bit of a nervous tone, trying not to stare at the server as he adjusted his posture when writing down his order.

“A club sandwich with a glass of iced tea. No problem. I’ll get on that right away”

Just as Charles rounded the counter near the kitchen area, he passed a glance over to Jude’s table, noticing that he was quite skinny, only emphasized by the fact that he was practically shivering from the residual cold, even indoors with a light sweater and a scarf around his neck. He smirked a little bit about this observation, and turned his attention to other orders while Jude’s food was being prepared.

A few minutes later, Charles heard the bell at the edge of the kitchen with the chef saying, “Order’s up! Club sandwich ready!”

Charles quickly grabbed the plate and eagerly headed over to Jude’s table. As he set down the plate in front of Jude, he said, “Sorry about the wait. This time of night can be pretty crazy sometimes” offering a big smile as Jude brought to plate closer to the edge of the table.
Glancing again at Jude’s smaller body, the young waiter added, “Let me know if you’d like anything else. We have a lot of great items this time of night.” Jude once again adjusted himself in his seat, but this time Charles notices Jude’s embarrassment at the suggestion of heartier portions. He turns around and walks toward the kitchen again, with a curious grin spreading across his face.
As Jude slowly munches on his sandwich, periodically sipping on his iced tea, he notices that the diner gradually begins to clear out as closing time draws closer. Being less hectic, Jude takes the opportunity to glance around the diner, and abruptly catches Charles’ glance. But instead of turning away like he would normally, he holds the stare for a little while longer, and smiles sincerely – albeit with a slightly uneasy demeanor.

Taking a bit of a risk, Charles grabs a small ice cream sundae off the counter and brings it over to Jude’s table saying, “It’s on the house. Enjoy!”. Before he has the opportunity to object, Charles quickly heads back to the right side of the diner. He refills the drinks of some of the regular patrons that are still left in the establishment, and makes idle busywork by wiping down tables. At first hesitant, Jude decides to takes a bite of the sundae. He doesn’t want to be rude, since it was given to him as a gift. The amazing flavor of the creamy vanilla ice cream and the decadent, rich chocolate syrup entices him to continue eating. Not ordinarily being one for sweets, he nonetheless finds himself not able to resist this delicious dessert – finishing the whole sundae in a matter of moments.

Without his noticing, Charles comes up to the table and eagerly intones, “It’s good, isn’t it?”
Wiping off the excess ice cream from his mouth, with a nearby napkin, Jude then replies, “Absolutely! I usually don’t have anything like this – especially not since I moved here.”

“Well, there’s a lot more with this came from. You should come back again soon” said Charles, with an eagerness in his tone that even Jude easily picked up on.
“I’ll definitely be back soon, when I’m not studying at the dorms. My name is Jude.”
“It was nice meeting you. I’ll close out your check up front when you’re ready.”

After that first night at The Peachwood Diner, Jude couldn’t get Charles out of his mind. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something that attracted him to the server, and the restaurant. Jude was certainly aware that he liked men, easily since his early teens, but there was something about their first interaction that was unlike experiences he had in the past. With that in mind, Jude soon became a regular patron of the local diner – paying special attention to when Charles was on his shift.

Over the next few weeks, Jude started to move away from safer options on the menu and ordered more adventurous, richer, and larger portioned items. This was especially the case when his favorite waiter was working, to the point that he not only ordered more food, but he would ultimately take Charles’ personal suggestions for what new items to try. And on one particular evening, after leaving the diner, Jude headed back to his dorm room to rest. He suddenly became aware of just how much food he was eating at the diner, and the effects it was having on his body. He went into his bedroom and took a look in the mirror – realizing that his once relaxed fit jeans were now far from it. He removed his belt and found to his shock that it had become unnecessary to hold them up. He took off both his jacket and sweater to see that his shirt fit snugly across his midsection, with a little bit of flesh showing underneath. Thinking about this for a moment, his face grew flush and Charles’ beautiful face was clearly in his mind’s eye. He glanced down at the small paunch forming above his waistline, and began to rub it gently for the first time. He thought of Charles’ thicker physique – the way his round stomach pushed out his work apron, and how he had this gentle waddle when he came to take his order at the diner – both of which seemed to also increase in size since he first met him. It was at that moment that he realized that Charles’ size, and his own newly acquired freshman weight, were not simply the result of college life or the diner. As he settled in for a quiet night in his room, mindlessly rubbing at his little belly, he began to realize that both him and Charles were growing bigger because of each other.

As the weather grew colder, and the winter holidays came and went, the damage that The Peachwood Diner had on Jude’s physique became harder and harder to ignore. Having a brief winter vacation before his spring classes begin, and some holiday money to spend, Jude took the opportunity to go to a local department store to purchase new clothing for himself. Seeing as he could no longer fit in smaller sized clothing comfortably, he grabbed various sized shirts and jeans and brought them into the dressing room area. Being conservative with his estimation, he decided to try on a pair of medium sized jeans. But to his shock, they were skin tight, and barely buttoned. When he tried on a large pair of jeans, they fit more comfortably around his waist.

At this point, he stood in front of the dressing room mirror, with his shirt riding up his stomach, and noticed for the first time that his gut was beginning to hang ever so slightly over his waistline, even with a larger pair of jeans. He turned to the side and noticed that even his upper torso was beginning to become rounder and soft to the touch, forming the beginning of moobs that pushed out the fabric of his now ill-fitted shirts. His buttocks filled out his new jeans, and his hips had become significantly rounder and more feminine, jiggling ever so slightly as he felt them with his hands. He took off the new jeans with relative ease, and began to put on his old pair so he could purchase his new clothes. But as he did, he realized that it was far too difficult to button them, so he decided to just zip them up and hope that nobody noticed on his way back to his dorm.

He quickly brought the clothing to the register, noticing a few bemused expressions from the clerk after seeing the comically small clothes he was wearing. He quickly paid for the clothing and made his way back home – switching into his new clothes with great relief when he was back in the privacy his room. Though the experience was embarrassing for him, it was also very exciting for him, in a way he had never experienced before.

The next evening Jude went back to the diner, in the hope that he could show off his new clothes to Charles. As it turned out, Charles was in a similar predicament, and had to move up a few sizes himself. As Jude sat down in his favorite booth, he quickly noticed Charles waddling over to his area of the diner, with a brand-new uniform and apron. His face was fuller, and his upper torso had become thicker and rounder. The curves of his once firm belly had now become more pronounced, even under the larger apron, and his upper thighs had bulked up significantly. As he watched him waddle to the table, Jude smiled in his direction and waved excitedly.

“Welcome to Peachwood Diner! What were you thinking today?” Charles said warmly.
Jude replied, “Surprise me! You know I enjoy eating.
Charles smirked a bit and took a closer look at Jude. He instinctively patted his own stomach while doing so and remarked, “I think we both do, if we’re being honest. I like your new clothes. I had to do pretty much the same thing last weekend.”
Jude giggled a little bit and replied, “Thanks Charles. Not that I’m hard to notice at this point.” He then looked a Charles a bit closely as well, trying to gauge his reaction.
“But that’s one of my favorite things about you, Jude, and I know you feel the same way about me” he said in a bit more of a hushed tone, his eyes narrowing, with a more seductive glance at Jude’s midsection. Jude blushed hard at this comment, and patted his own stomach a little bit, leaning up against the table to enhance the effect.

With an amused expression, Charles said, “Well I’m sure you’re hungry. I’ll bring you back something worthy of your appetite.” He walked back to the kitchen and whispered an order to the chef before returning to other orders.

A little while later the eager server brought a large pot roast dinner with a fresh milkshake and placed it firmly in font of Jude, bringing him to complete attention. Jude began to salivate, and was overcome with the powerful scent of meat and savory seasonings. Unlike the young man that first came into this restaurant, he had little hesitation about his impending meal, and dove into it with gusto. He enjoyed every element of the dish, from the juicy and tender meat to the rich and seasoned gravy on top of mashed potatoes. In what seemed like mere minutes he tore through the main course and moved to the milkshake shortly afterward. In-between bites Jude and Charles shot each other delighted glances from across the restaurant. As usual, Jude finished his meal shortly before closing, letting out a light burp of satisfaction, a bit to his own chagrin.

“That was super good! I’ll definitely have to have that again” Jude said with satisfaction.

Charles chuckled a bit and said, “That’s one of our best dishes. I’m glad you liked it. If you’re ready I can ring you up here.”

With much effort, Jude nodded and slid his way out of the booth, sauntering over to the front register, much to Charles’ amusement. He paid for his meal, and once he got his receipt, with momentary consideration, decided to leave a note underneath the receipt for Charles to read. As Jude exited the restaurant, Charles noticed the small note beneath the receipt which had Jude’s phone number. He smiled and quickly stuffed the note in his pants pocket before closing up shop for the night.
Later that night, Charles called Jude, who eagerly invited him to come to his dormitory. Charles emphatically obliged, and ended up at his front door a short time later.

Hearing a knock at his door, Jude ambled to the door to open it, seeing Charles on the other side. But much to his surprise, Charles was not alone. He had a box of leftovers from the diner.

“Hey there, Jude. I figured you might be hungry, so I brought some leftover dessert with me” Charles said with an almost sheepish expression.

With a raised eyebrow and a toothless smile Jude pulled him into his apartment, shutting the door behind the two of them. Jude then sets the food on the coffee table, bringing him further into his little apartment, and brings him down to the couch. He motions Charles to sit down with him, and they gaze into each other’s eyes for a moment – with Charles nervously glancing away for a moment before his hands are brought to Jude’s torso. Much to his delight, he notices how full and distended Jude’s belly is after the meal he ate at the diner. Jude pulls up his shirt a little bit and Charles begins to feel how soft and doughy Jude is, despite the fullness. Charles runs his thumb along Jude’s navel, who moans lightly in response. Taking initiative, Charles pulls off Jude’s shirt, and Jude follows suit.

Jude aggressively grabs at Charles’ larger stomach and is aroused by the fact that there is far too much for him to grab, even with both hands. He brings his fingers to Charles’ navel and notices how large and cavernous it is compared to his own. He then moves his hands to Charles’ love handles, grasping them firmly and smashing his stomach against his own, causing Charles to grunt deeply in pleasure. Charles moves his hands from the side of Jude’s belly up to his chest, noticing how soft and round they have become, despite his smaller size. He places his thumbs on top of Jude’s nipples and presses down firmly causing Jude to squeal as he arches his back. Charles then begins to suck on his nipples, one after the other, causing Jude to quickly gasp and pull back from the sudden sensitivity. Charles then caresses Jude’s soft torso, and they both lean into each other for a passionate kiss.

Charles then turns to the coffee table and opens up the box of leftovers, bringing it up to Jude, who sets it down in-between them. He grabs some of the food and gently feeds it to Jude who eagerly obliges. – reveling in the hedonism of the moment. Jude then begins to feed himself a bit, glancing seductively at Charles who begins to firmly rub his stomach, causing Jude to hum contentedly. They then both enjoy the remainder of the dessert, rubbing each other’s bellies and admiring the result of their shared gluttony together. After they both finish – full and exhausted from their escapade, they lean back on the couch and burp in unison, sharing a brief moment of laughter before sharing a light kiss.

It was clear to the both of them that this was the just the beginning of their relationship of excess, and they both looked forward to the future, with the same excited embarrassment as when they first met.