Horror punk feline who’s bold and dramatic and dwells in the shadows –
He is a cat with a presence so big and smooth curves so alluring.
Soft fur and wild hair quite shocking with trinkets and makeup so necrose –
Spotted and spiked with great piercings, his brazen wide smirk’s so enduring.

Knowing his history, mysteries – all that they offer to teach him,
He is a medium sensing the dead and the needs of the living;
Soaking in baths, reading stories and eating his sweets on a free whim,
Pampering’s what he enjoys and he loves to be jolly while giving.

Loving the chase and a seeker of ultimate thrills and excitement,
Raucous and lively is what he wants most when enjoying a great song.
He will not hesitate scratching your face if you’re craving incitement;
Roses have thorns and the sharpened long claws of the rebel are that strong.