Huffing and puffing the huge hippopotamus reaches the table;
Heaps upon heaps of quite fattening goodies are stacked on his large plate.
Squeezing his brown and gargantuan body as much as he’s able
Ravenous, gluttonous, barely he fits into booths at his large weight.

Groaning and belching this ungulate makes such an overt appearance;
Smiling, he rubs on his bloated smooth stomach with chuckles so naughty.
Growing, expanding his belly is massively shrinking the clearance –
Reaching the table, the burgeoning mass of his fattening body.

Pleasant satiety fills up his belly for only a measure;
Hunger and lust for more food is a constant emphatic demand.
Stuck in his booth from the heaviness bringing him greatness of pleasure;
Needs from his rumbling fat stomach are met by his feeder’s command.