As fall arrives the young furs study hard
In courses full of many things to learn.
But this young wolf is watching ample lard
That’s on a bear for which he does so yearn.

At school to lurid thoughts he will succumb
While watching practice with this hefty jock;
The bear it is for whom his heart does drum –
Despite the fact to him he cannot talk.

The bear does see the wolf as days roll by;
He finds the notion of his interest strange.
But even if he does not know just why
It’s his indifference he’d like to change.

It’s on the field he does inquire aloud,
“So you are Jason from my English class?”
With cocky smiling and a face so proud –
And through the nodding wolf red shades do pass.

“Name’s Mark.” the bear proclaims with cheerful speech.
And meeting eyes with nervous Jason there,
They plan a night to study what they teach
In English class – along with food to spare.

Those lurid thoughts accompany his work
As Jason’s efforts turns from books to food –
His cooking major more than just a quirk
As Mark does gorge with manners very rude.

The bear does laugh and belch with stomach moans
And finds that food is not just there to take
As Jason feeds the loaf with force he owns;
Cuisine is now a sweet affair with cake.

With frosting layered on his lips and snout,
The wolf does find the bear alluring now;
His lips and tongue can’t help but find their route
To kiss fat Mark as much as he’ll allow.

With more aggression Jason finds his stride
As feeding leads to belly rubs and musk –
Now slobby Mark’s a bear with beastly pride
With Jason’s shyness shedding like a husk.

Upon the old and rugged couch, they sit –
Admiring both their fuller, fatter forms;
They press their guts together and don’t quit
While taking time to laugh inside the dorms.

This bold gigantic bear is not without
His own desire to tame such chubby guys;
He tempts with luscious sweets that lay about
This chubby, bashful wolf with fuller thighs.

Restrained no more, the wolf enjoys his glut.
He takes his feeding from the bear with joy
As Mark does rub his belly and his butt;
The blissful Jason loves to be his toy.

Engorged and full of lust the wolf is pleased
With treats and rubbing of his tender feet –
As this soft bear is nicer when he’s teased
And Jason’s loving when he is so sweet.