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The Blithesome Boar

A burly, blithesome 
boar of brown did live
For hearty, tasty food
and joyous things,
And after work the pub
with coins he’d give -
To savor all the treats
his tavern brings.

On one such night,
while sitting in his chair,
He did however find 
a somber stork -
Whose bitter mood did 
fill the tavern air,
Along with angry
movements of 
his fork.

In contrast to his 
paltry, lacking meal,
The blithesome boar 
enjoyed a wide array
Of plates – with sauce 
and meat with great appeal;
The stork’s disgust
therefore was 
on display.
Although the tavern staff 
enjoyed the boar’s
Quite joyous mirth, 
the somber stork is cross.
He says while glancing 
at what he abhors,
“This meal is far too 
heavy with its sauce.”

And turning towards 
the burly, blithesome boar
He says, “Unlike some 
guests, I do not eat
My food without concern, 
and want much more
To gorge upon while 
slouching in my seat.”

Emerging from the 
kitchen room a hare
Approaches his aggrieved 
and shrieking guest.
The chubby chef replies, 
“I cook with care,
So I will bring you 
food without 
such zest.” 

“Your other guests 
seem far too eager for
The largest meals” 
the somber stork replies.
“I’m looking for a meal 
that’s clean and more
Than an assault of 
flavors or 
of size.”

And while the somber 
stork does sneer towards
The blithesome boar, 
the chubby bunny cook
Prepares and brings a 
dish which he awards
Upon the table with 
a cheeky look.

“It’s free for you” 
the bunny says to him.
“I hope you do enjoy 
your newest meal.”
The stork does see a 
plate of food quite slim
In size with meager 
culinary zeal. 

“The food was great today” 
the boar proclaims.
“I’m ready for a 
sweet and rich dessert.”
And with a pleasant 
gaze the hare chef aims
A plate of treats that’s 
full and quite overt.

Without a word the 
somber stork does eat
His dish, and finds it’s 
perfect for his taste;
He eats his food and 
finds it is both sweet
And sapid – which he 
does enjoy with haste.

The blissful boar – 
so full from what he ate,
Does rub his stomach 
with relaxing sighs;
Approaching with a 
widened, swaying gait,
He shows the somber stork 
his smirking eyes. 

The boar does pay and 
thank the joyful staff
With grins and payment - 
both of coin and praise,
And hears a rumbling gut 
that makes him laugh
As there the stork averts 
his flustered gaze.

“Although we patrons 
love our morsels big,
We love the flavor you’re 
still craving now”
The blithesome boar 
speaks as a cheerful pig.
“You merely ate a fancy, 
children’s chow.”

With muffled laughter 
there the tavern clears
Of patrons as the stork 
alone does sit.
The bunny chef approaches 
with his peers
Along with something 
in a bag to fit.

“Here’s something sweet 
for you to take tonight”
The bunny cook says 
calmly to the stork.
“Perhaps a joyful, 
rich and sweet delight
Will be much better 
than an angry fork?”