In this strange realm it seems there is no peace –
A place where you’d not want to live or die.
Above our heads the storms they do not cease;
The darkened clouds they dominate the sky.

But this the weather is not why I rue.
I tell you now the world is not so flawed;
It is in fact those mediocre few
That taint our world with pestilential fraud.

The dark and grey reminds me of the heart –
The nuances that life is really for;
For all the pain in us that does depart,
It still remains as memories evermore.

Those people who engage in guile and hate –
Who lie and steal our momentary bliss –
They do not have a lonely, dreadful fate;
Instead they have a life without abyss.

The void is dark and has a lot to teach –
Reminding us the meaning of our fears;
By challenging perceptions out of reach,
It shows us all is more than it appears.

And through these lessons we embrace the night.
We find a peace in things that are obscured;
Though some react with ignorance and fright,
We build upon the things that have endured.