And there I find him sitting in the store –
A pleasant smile upon his beaming face,
Inviting me to walk a little more,
While feeling awfully shy and froze in place.

He turns to meet my gaze, and for a time
My aching, nervous heart does skip a beat;
While feeling flushed, as there my pulse does climb,
I wonder if I’ll stay or will retreat.

Before I have a chance to make my own
Decision, with a coffee in my hand –
The plastic cup as icy as a stone,
He looks towards me as he takes command.

He says, “Today is lovely don’t you think?”
While leaning back – as with a bright, and bold
Expression there he gives a playful wink.
Behind his head his fingers he does fold.

“It is.” I say quite sheepishly in turn.
While looking down – as in my feet I feel
Quite awkward there, it’s then I swiftly learn
He finds in me delight and strong appeal.

“I’ve seen you here before” he says to me.
“You always look quite busy with your work.”
It seems he knows I study when I’m free,
And here is where I mostly like to lurk.

“Perhaps I’d be more fun to learn about?”
He says as his infectious smirk defines
His handsome face. He pulls a chair right out;
To me the seat he eagerly assigns.

Excited and relieved, I take my place
Across from him and then I nudge my chair
Towards the table saying, “Thanks!” with grace –
As there I gently fiddle with my hair.

He sips his drink with quite a cheerful flair
And seems to drink me up as well before
He shares with me a grin without a care;
I grin as well as there my heart does soar.

And as the sun is lower in the sky,
We open up and chat a little more;
While laughing freely there I really try –
His number is the prize I’d like to score.

With luck, his digits then I do receive,
And after quite a joyful, rousing talk,
It’s finally time for us to really leave;
From out our chairs and to our cars we walk.

I wave him off while making quite the face.
The glee continues when I settle in
And check my phone whose screen I swiftly trace;
It’s in my room my mouth becomes a grin.

The message reads: So, would you like to go
With me for food this week? And as
I stare inside the text and potent glow,
With frantic speed I type just like a spaz.

For sure! I type to him, and as I do,
I see that he is typing at a rate
As fast and keen as mine. Then right on cue,
I see the text, which says: So, it’s a date!