The Champion

In his body is ambition,
Quenched by fights and competition;
By the edge of knife and greatsword
Does the fighter find his concord.

From the earnest of his motions
Are great passions and devotions.
His are strong and persevering –
Clear of doubt and never fearing.

In his heart is where you’ll locate
That great character’s his mandate;
With control and focus vital –
Seeking honor over title.

The Integrator

His technique is great and daring –
With machines he will be bearing;
There is not another man so
Skilled with gadgets in his cargo.

He constructs with careful digits
Greatly fashioned, handy widgets;
With his hands and mind converging,
Fixes sure will be emerging.

Skills like his, so useful lately,
That we know is prized so greatly,
Is so far from automatic –
Craftsman of the systematic.

The Trickster

He the joker plays the bit part –
Making fooling quite the sly art;
Jesting with a playful humor,
His sharp wit is not a rumor.

Speaking with a cheerful accent –
Sometimes in a dopey segment,
Nonetheless a thoughtful fellow –
Even when his mood is mellow.

He recalls the greatest stories
In so many categories;
With a grin and smiling broadly –
In the fun he’s dancing oddly.

The Wayfarer

He the cunning navigator
Is an adept conservator.
He surmises paths and contracts;
Carefully he minds their impacts.

Working trades with great finessing –
Each detail he is addressing;
He’s assuring quite precisely
That they are consigned concisely.

As he speaks direct and candid,
He makes sure you’re never stranded.
We rely upon his guidance;
With his zeal there is abidance.


To my father and my mother –
In my world there is no other
People quite as true or giving,
Or as caring, like you living.

Even through the paths uncharted,
You make sure with friends I’ve parted;
In the troubles and confusion,
You are here without seclusion.

Loving in your ways so many –
Always there with praise to give me,
Giving guidance as intended –
Talking with you is so splendid.

Full of purpose and devotion,
Sending you my deep emotion,
To be yours, it is my pleasure –
Allies that this son does treasure.

By my heart, with love so tender,
That I wish the greatest splendor,
For our clan into the morrow;
Know my oath is without sorrow.


Nature is our greatest teacher –
Spawning every living creature;
Void of bias or deception –
In our world from its inception.

Freely giving, never taking,
And continually making
All the wonders of this one earth;
We ourselves are of its great birth.

Nature is our greatest teacher –
Showing every single feature;
In this larger world and smaller –
Sights to see in every color.

Freely giving, never taking,
And continually making
All the wonders of this one earth;
We ourselves are of its great birth.

Lacking sorrow or compunction
Lends it to a greater function –
That of living and of changing
With this varied world’s arranging.

Freely giving, never taking,
And continually making
All the wonders of this one earth;
We ourselves are of its great birth.


The hanging grapes upon the verdant vine,
Throughout the many lands in which its grown,
Becomes the charming drink that is called wine;
Indeed, it’s quite the venture to be known.

For women and for men it has been made –
Assembled inspiration here en masse;
To drink and to enjoy is how it’s stayed;
Its gladly poured into each open glass.

With pleasure we do find it is to drink,
And though it can be quite the awful bane,
It warms our hearts and makes us want to think;
Into our hearts and minds it will remain.

A soulful pleasure it will always be –
A greatly blessed comfort unto thee.


This is the great appeal
That comes from our intent;
Into what we do feel,
It follows our descent.

Of that which isn’t voiced –
It speaks without a word;
Within the heart to hoist,
In this it is preferred.

Without the clearest cause,
Our game continues on;
Inside our minds applause
About what we will spawn.

In truth there isn’t much
That we will not include –
In seeing, smell or touch
And hear with attitude.

The fun is in the guilt
We all construct about
The structures we have built
And things that we seek out.


From darkened corners of my inner mind,
With vicious hatred and a pain severe,
Emerges feelings of a beastly kind
That manifest from angst and greatest fear.

From skin to bone they painfully create
A dwelling sense of fundamental grief;
These adverse feelings – they do not abate;
They will maintain until I find relief.

Frustration yields a vastly simpler thought;
When it’s not found this feeling does abide.
A semblance of control is what is sought;
Within my heart resentment does reside.

It’s through acceptance of my feelings here
That I can live in balance without fear.

The Spark

We write the tales of joy –
Sharp words we do employ.
From deep within the heart –
The purpose of our part.

We walk on virgin roads
And work in stranger modes;
With care we do progress
Despite the great distress.

With passing of the times –
The poets and the rhymes;
With love they do infuse
The blessings of the muse.

Around the world and back –
We’re kept along the track;
By muses as they speak –
They make the boldest meek.

And blessed are the ones
That find her when she runs
In circles through our heads –
While sleeping in our beds.

In dreams is where she lives –
Through inspiration gives
The words we hope to use;
The blessing of the muse.

The Dark

In this strange realm it seems there is no peace –
A place where you’d not want to live or die.
Above our heads the storms they do not cease;
The darkened clouds they dominate the sky.

But this the weather is not why I rue.
I tell you now the world is not so flawed;
It is in fact those mediocre few
That taint our world with pestilential fraud.

The dark and grey reminds me of the heart –
The nuances that life is really for;
For all the pain in us that does depart,
It still remains as memories evermore.

Those people who engage in guile and hate –
Who lie and steal our momentary bliss –
They do not have a lonely, dreadful fate;
Instead they have a life without abyss.

The void is dark and has a lot to teach –
Reminding us the meaning of our fears;
By challenging perceptions out of reach,
It shows us all is more than it appears.

And through these lessons we embrace the night.
We find a peace in things that are obscured;
Though some react with ignorance and fright,
We build upon the things that have endured.


These tomes transport our minds into a place
Removed from living’s ordinary pace.
Both poetry and prose, they make us cry;
With words impressions find their wings to fly.

The varied themes in words do tantalize –
Between the lines with passion exercise;
They speak to all the struggles that you know
Within a realm that only you can go.

Within the gilded pages of a book –
As visions with the open eyes to look
Upon the paper where the words were made;
They fill our hearts with all our dreams displayed.

These pages as they are – they are a gift
Which we into our fantasies do drift.


Moonlight. It shines ever brightly; It glows on the edge of the basin.
Hauntingly gazing, the Moon, through the dark – with the light it does hasten.
Darkened, the depths of the water beneath it does shimmer with moonshine;
Mirroring all the crepuscular features – it sings to the skyline.

Blowing, the wind finds a path through the thicket of evergreen pine trees.
Greenery turning to darkness, it swallows the moonlight with great ease;
Swaying and rocking, the leaves and the branches – they dance with a measure;
Marking the coastline, the forest – it beckons the night beasts with pleasure.

Pulling the tide, as it fills up the heavens with luminous power –
Reaching the peak of its monstrous potential upon the twelfth hour;
Primal, encompassing fear, trepidation and curious urges –
This does the Moon in the sky represent every night it emerges.


Reddening anthracite fills up the furnace with sweltering bright fire.
Boiling, the water it builds up the steam with a powerful tension –
Pushing the pistons and grinding the gears in a single dimension;
Forwardly moves does this massive contraption through force by this flyer.

Picking up speed as the roar of the engine possesses the hot air,
Outstretching wings start to lift as propellers awaken their loud turn.
Buttons and switches – they fill up his console with many he need learn;
Gripping the yokes in the cockpit – he pulls up against them with great care.

Further beneath him, the ground drifting lower with fields far and quite still –
Flight he achieves after many endeavors and failures for certain.
Feeling the joy of his triumph, he glides through the clouds like a curtain;
Smoke fills the air and is joined with the rain as he treasures his great thrill.


They’re speaking quite loudly with haughty indignance –
Revealing their chances have dwindled and faded
To make their true mark on the world they’ve created,
While moaning and screaming with seething malignance.

Their grievances found with the people they pester
Is nominal next to their toxic behavior;
If only as children they’d had more exposure
Instead of allowing resentment to fester.

If even a purposeful path they can follow,
It’s buried in mindless indulgent pretension;
Abandoning reason, denying dissension –
They threaten detractors with words ringing hollow.


This dark world in harsh terms it scares us to not speak;
They take all with greed and a rage that is so great,
But bold words are told when a strong roar is not meek.

Our great hearts are not filled when dark thoughts are so bleak;
Such pain and distress here it fills us with strong hate.
This dark world in harsh terms it scares us to not speak.

Our strong minds feel broke when our pain’s at its full peak;
It’s then that we find out it’s not that we’re too late,
But bold words are told when a strong roar is not meek.

Our voice is a song that we sing with a loud shriek
From day after day and regardless of log date;
This dark world in harsh terms it scares us to not speak.

To see more than all that is out here we must peek
Inside us to find that our strength is a masked trait,
But bold words are told when a strong roar is not meek.

We’re not calm and not done when great woe we didn’t seek;
It’s choice that we want and it’s this that we do state:
This dark world in harsh terms it scares us to not speak,
But bold words are told when a strong roar is not meek.


Projection is finding that only detractors have guilt when despising;
Where faulting contingent, extraneous factors about your own bad life
Results in a cleanly appearing absolving of burden or great strife –
Which only conceals all the rotting of conscience within them arising.

It’s here that the narcissist thrives when they see all the flaws in our culture,
Because it can only be others who taint it and warp it with bold lies;
But lies and more lies only make for a fantasy through their own cold eyes,
Which makes them the valiant hero – when really they’re only a vulture.


When the will to live without a
Constant need to dictate actions
Isn’t simply neutral to the
Mob that puts us into factions,

Everything that isn’t chosen
As the only way to ponder
Finds its purpose for all those in
Power and for those they squander.

Simple joys are now derided
By the petty and the jealous –
Where their anger is then guided
To division by the zealous.

All the people who most need it
Are the ones whose hearts are broken –
Though they’ll likely never heed it
When their inner voice has spoken.

Their creative spark is buried
Under soil that’s cold and fallow;
Its revival will be carried
By the hands that cease their sorrow.


Forty years you’ve been upon this planet.
Stable, true and strong resolve like granite,
Learning with you is a constant pleasure
That I bother not to even measure.

Your tenacity and mind, that’s bolder,
Has encouraged me as we’ve grown older;
You remind me that we all have weakness –
Making sure I never yield to bleakness.

There is not another person living
Better suited or so deeply giving.
While the path ahead reveals its content
As your brother there I will be present.


They’ve locked the open door
With haste – just as before;
We’ve knocked for them, therefore,
They waste their time much more.

Their core is what we’ve shocked;
Right there they’ve laughed and balked
At lore of which we’ve talked
And where we’ve freely walked.

They’ve blocked the ways to scare,
Erased the thoughts we dare,
And mocked what we ensnare –
Encased in lies they bear.

Their war on hate is based;
A glare that is misplaced
While sore and much disgraced –
Aware our hearts they’ve chased.







Caliginous empyrean envelopes all biology;
Celestial and hauntingly – with emptiness it permeates.
And likened to the countless worlds whose shining stars it constellates,
The eventide eternally accompanies our chronology.

The heartlessness of mortal men, whose troublesome acuity,
Engenders them, with fearsomeness – deliberately ignorant,
Atrocities of hatred, with the burdens of their violent
Ferocities of carelessness; it’s born of their vacuity.

As winter and obscurity – the pale and the obsidian,
The essence whose frigidity and bleakness has its clarity,
Enraptures with cacophonous, tumultuous serenity,
The hearts who are encircled with the coils of the ophidian.


And there I find him sitting in the store –
A pleasant smile upon his beaming face,
Inviting me to walk a little more,
While feeling awfully shy and froze in place.

He turns to meet my gaze, and for a time
My aching, nervous heart does skip a beat;
While feeling flushed, as there my pulse does climb,
I wonder if I’ll stay or will retreat.

Before I have a chance to make my own
Decision, with a coffee in my hand –
The plastic cup as icy as a stone,
He looks towards me as he takes command.

He says, “Today is lovely don’t you think?”
While leaning back – as with a bright, and bold
Expression there he gives a playful wink.
Behind his head his fingers he does fold.

“It is.” I say quite sheepishly in turn.
While looking down – as in my feet I feel
Quite awkward there, it’s then I swiftly learn
He finds in me delight and strong appeal.

“I’ve seen you here before” he says to me.
“You always look quite busy with your work.”
It seems he knows I study when I’m free,
And here is where I mostly like to lurk.

“Perhaps I’d be more fun to learn about?”
He says as his infectious smirk defines
His handsome face. He pulls a chair right out;
To me the seat he eagerly assigns.

Excited and relieved, I take my place
Across from him and then I nudge my chair
Towards the table saying, “Thanks!” with grace –
As there I gently fiddle with my hair.

He sips his drink with quite a cheerful flair
And seems to drink me up as well before
He shares with me a grin without a care;
I grin as well as there my heart does soar.

And as the sun is lower in the sky,
We open up and chat a little more;
While laughing freely there I really try –
His number is the prize I’d like to score.

With luck, his digits then I do receive,
And after quite a joyful, rousing talk,
It’s finally time for us to really leave;
From out our chairs and to our cars we walk.

I wave him off while making quite the face.
The glee continues when I settle in
And check my phone whose screen I swiftly trace;
It’s in my room my mouth becomes a grin.

The message reads: So, would you like to go
With me for food this week? And as
I stare inside the text and potent glow,
With frantic speed I type just like a spaz.

For sure! I type to him, and as I do,
I see that he is typing at a rate
As fast and keen as mine. Then right on cue,
I see the text, which says: So, it’s a date!