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In my practice, rituals are simple and direct – with a devotional, mystical focus but can include whatever elements a person chooses. Rituals should be adaptable to the various spiritual needs of individuals – including the specific keepers or patron deities that form their domestic cult. In my practice, twice daily rituals – during the day and at night, are the norm. Though certain astrological observances or historical festivals can be honored for the purposes of ritual, they are ultimately personal and not a requirement for effective ritual. The following is an adaptable ritual primer. It is worth mentioning that during the working section of the ritual primer is where personal connections to keeper gods can be more deeply explored and any relevant mystical, magical or divinatory practices can be performed.


Vision or inner sight is favored over divinatory tools – even scrying devices. During the working – the core of ritual, one connects directly to hallowed divinities and receives inner sight as a form of direct spiritual gnosis. This direct spiritual gnosis is done regardless of the inclusion of any particular mysteries or magical operations. This sacred vision helps to discern any and all relevant knowledge for a particular working, an individual practitioner or the divine will of any hallowed divinities that may be involved. It is cultivated through patient, regular ritual practice and meaningful divine relationships. It supersedes any religious doctrine and is the purest form of spiritual connection.


Hail to the keepers – great gods of the cosmos.

Hail to the others – great gods of mystery.

Hail to the roamers – wild spirits of nature.

Hail to the dwellers – kindly spirits of the home.

Hail to the elders – departed souls of the underworld.

As I commune with you, I offer you my praise.

May you grant me your favor.




O hallowed divinities; I thank you for your sacred presence. May you depart in peace.