Mischievous, ponderous, wild and debaucherous – I am a fat boar;
Darkly inclined, I’m a deviant, bearded eclectic with ardor.
Writing traditional poems and musings of culture and folklore,
Genres of art will inspire me when they are crafted much harder.

Porcine and pudgy this shaggy brown fatty does revel in big chubs.
Teasing and walking with confidence I am quite glad when I show off;
Seeking my fair share of cooking to feed and be fed with soft gut rubs,
I’m not a stranger to gluttony – eating my fill from a big trough.

Masculine, bold and so burly it just might surprise you to know this –
Even while working on projects whose issues are really distressing,
Hope and my humor will always escort me as they are my great bliss;
Big boars like me are romantic and love all things soft and caressing.