With a vulpine grin and full orange tail within I guide him to my dwelling;
Pulling at his bull horns as into my couch I sit him with aggression.
There with force I place the food upon the table to assist his swelling;
Gazing at his bovine slouch – his sable torso is my one obsession.

Moving paws with shaking, sweaty fingers and my mind so very nervous –
As I feel his wide fat back I grasp it and I smash to mine his belly.
With a bellow loud my fattened lover revels in his sexual service –
Moving hands with larger size he feels the shiver of my girth as jelly.

On my ivory chest his warm black hands are placed quite fast but very gently
Feeling roundness and the supple firmness of my moobs and larger nipples.
With his thumbs upon them he then makes me loudly whimper quite intently
As my back does arch and shake along with flabby, large and pleasing ripples.

Sucking on my nipples with a great desire he makes me howl so loudly;
Switching back and forth he overwhelms me in my state so raw and bawdy.
At his face I gaze and he then looks upon my belly oh so proudly
Knowing that his feeding granted me a fatter fluffy pumpkin body.

I do not protest the tempting food that’s placed inside my snout that’s waiting –
Even though we stuffed ourselves so much mere hours from this very second;
Food is what his fox does lust for which my black bull finds great joy in stating –
As I eat and gain my steady climbing weight is surely, quickly beckoned.

Eager in obliging to the greasy, fatty food I really wanted,
I am here tonight to have my shaggy belly stuffed and rubbed with feeling;
Filling up my belly is his goal, until he makes me fully daunted –
Stopping only when he cannot coax another bite without my reeling.