It started with a morsel at the diner there –
Which lead to quite a passion of both food and fare
To dine upon; While making sure the food was gone
He quickly had more porcine flesh to look upon.

A critic was the job Carl had which lead to all
The owners of the spots he liked, both big and small,
To give him all the goodies he could handle – with
A tempting price that grew him to a greater width.

It even got so bad in fact a tailor left
Their business card right next to all his ample heft –
While winking with a rooster’s glance quite lurid and
Approving of Carl’s gluttony he gladly scanned.

He huffed into the tailor’s shop while burping low
And waddling to the counter, where his gut did show
The straining of his buttons and his ripping seams –
The sight of which for rooster Ben fulfilled his dreams.

So quickly he disrobed the pig while grabbing at
His massive thighs and wobbling chest so stuffed with fat;
The bashful Carl’s a nervous mess but loves it when
His pudge right there is loved by a much bolder Ben.

A kiss he gave quite firmly there from beak to snout
While knowing that Carl fancies him without a doubt,
And closing up to lead him out – the stylish pig
He deftly clothed, to portions that are surely big.