Maximum hunger. The emptiness fills up my abdomen, groaning,
Following scents of cuisine as they waft in the air through my big nose;
Ravenous appetites joined by the sound and the lust of my moaning –
Gorging myself with this sumptuous feast as it strains at my tight clothes.

Right here before me are plates and full bowls of this fattening rich food;
Keeping me seated my lover insists that I finish my entrées.
Rubbing my belly and guiding my bites with a smirk and a blithe mood –
Dominantly he does hasten arousal with poise and his sharp gaze.

Moving to join me and help with my struggle to polish my last plate,
Near my large chair he takes up the great duty of forcing my last bite –
Guiding my steps with amusement and awe he admires my slow gait;
Here in my bed we will savor the fruits of my gluttony this night.