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Indulgence is an interactive erotic poem, with highly fetishistic, fat fur themes – featuring a fresh-faced jackal in a new workplace, and his exciting escapades with one of two of his coworkers.


Indulgence utilizes fifteen narrative poems, in iambic pentameter, and has eight different endings to explore. Whereas much of my erotic poetry conveys a more wholesome kink atmosphere, indulgence has more erotic detail and carnality.


Indulgence: An Interactive Erotic Poem



Voracious is an anthology of erotic poems I’ve written in a traditional, fixed verse style. It’s an ongoing work that will continue to evolve as I progress creatively. This anthology reflects how I use the structures and formalities of poetic meter and rhyme to channel my sexual passions into words.


In this anthology, carnal, fetishistic, furry themed poems can be found. Like my other poetry, my erotic poems are often highly abstract and conceptual, but grounded in traditional metre and rhyme, and reflects my passionate appreciation of grammar, vocabulary, and linguistic symbolism.

Poetry Anthology

Voracious: An Erotic Poetry Anthology

Erotic Stories

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