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As fall arrives the young furs study hard
In courses full of many things to learn.
But this young wolf is watching ample lard
That’s on a bear for which he does so yearn.

At school to lurid thoughts he will succumb
While watching practice with this hefty jock;
The bear it is for whom his heart does drum –
Despite the fact to him he cannot talk.

The bear does see the wolf as days roll by;
He finds the notion of his interest strange.
But even if he does not know just why
It’s his indifference he’d like to change.

It’s on the field he does inquire aloud,
“So you are Jason from my English class?”
With cocky smiling and a face so proud –
And through the nodding wolf red shades do pass.

“Name’s Mark.” the bear proclaims with cheerful speech.
And meeting eyes with nervous Jason there,
They plan a night to study what they teach
In English class – along with food to spare.

Those lurid thoughts accompany his work
As Jason’s efforts turns from books to food –
His cooking major more than just a quirk
As Mark does gorge with manners very rude.

The bear does laugh and belch with stomach moans
And finds that food is not just there to take
As Jason feeds the loaf with force he owns;
Cuisine is now a sweet affair with cake.

With frosting layered on his lips and snout,
The wolf does find the bear alluring now;
His lips and tongue can’t help but find their route
To kiss fat Mark as much as he’ll allow.

With more aggression Jason finds his stride
As feeding leads to belly rubs and musk –
Now slobby Mark’s a bear with beastly pride
With Jason’s shyness shedding like a husk.

Upon the old and rugged couch, they sit –
Admiring both their fuller, fatter forms;
They press their guts together and don’t quit
While taking time to laugh inside the dorms.

This bold gigantic bear is not without
His own desire to tame such chubby guys;
He tempts with luscious sweets that lay about
This chubby, bashful wolf with fuller thighs.

Restrained no more, the wolf enjoys his glut.
He takes his feeding from the bear with joy
As Mark does rub his belly and his butt;
The blissful Jason loves to be his toy.

Engorged and full of lust the wolf is pleased
With treats and rubbing of his tender feet –
As this soft bear is nicer when he’s teased
And Jason’s loving when he is so sweet.


With a vulpine grin and full orange tail within I guide him to my dwelling;
Pulling at his bull horns as into my couch I sit him with aggression.
There with force I place the food upon the table to assist his swelling;
Gazing at his bovine slouch – his sable torso is my one obsession.

Moving paws with shaking, sweaty fingers and my mind so very nervous –
As I feel his wide fat back I grasp it and I smash to mine his belly.
With a bellow loud my fattened lover revels in his sexual service –
Moving hands with larger size he feels the shiver of my girth as jelly.

On my ivory chest his warm black hands are placed quite fast but very gently
Feeling roundness and the supple firmness of my moobs and larger nipples.
With his thumbs upon them he then makes me loudly whimper quite intently
As my back does arch and shake along with flabby, large and pleasing ripples.

Sucking on my nipples with a great desire he makes me howl so loudly;
Switching back and forth he overwhelms me in my state so raw and bawdy.
At his face I gaze and he then looks upon my belly oh so proudly
Knowing that his feeding granted me a fatter fluffy pumpkin body.

I do not protest the tempting food that’s placed inside my snout that’s waiting –
Even though we stuffed ourselves so much mere hours from this very second;
Food is what his fox does lust for which my black bull finds great joy in stating –
As I eat and gain my steady climbing weight is surely, quickly beckoned.

Eager in obliging to the greasy, fatty food I really wanted,
I am here tonight to have my shaggy belly stuffed and rubbed with feeling;
Filling up my belly is his goal, until he makes me fully daunted –
Stopping only when he cannot coax another bite without my reeling.


Upon the bench I curl and lightly graze
As all the furs do mingle on the pier;
And though good food is why this cat is here,
This stunning sight to me it does amaze.

He waddles with a calm lighthearted mood
With food from hand to snout he’s gladly chewed;
His jiggling fat beneath his shirt does ooze –
Which makes my feline mind so very lewd.

To my locale his hooves arrive with might –
His huge pig body being bigger still;
It’s clear he has of food not had his fill.
His look of hunger makes my heart take flight.

I think I might just purr and circle him.
I wonder what can fill pigs to the brim.


Huffing and puffing the huge hippopotamus reaches the table;
Heaps upon heaps of quite fattening goodies are stacked on his large plate.
Squeezing his brown and gargantuan body as much as he’s able
Ravenous, gluttonous, barely he fits into booths at his large weight.

Groaning and belching this ungulate makes such an overt appearance;
Smiling, he rubs on his bloated smooth stomach with chuckles so naughty.
Growing, expanding his belly is massively shrinking the clearance –
Reaching the table, the burgeoning mass of his fattening body.

Pleasant satiety fills up his belly for only a measure;
Hunger and lust for more food is a constant emphatic demand.
Stuck in his booth from the heaviness bringing him greatness of pleasure;
Needs from his rumbling fat stomach are met by his feeder’s command.


Maximum hunger. The emptiness fills up my abdomen, groaning,
Following scents of cuisine as they waft in the air through my big nose;
Ravenous appetites joined by the sound and the lust of my moaning –
Gorging myself with this sumptuous feast as it strains at my tight clothes.

Right here before me are plates and full bowls of this fattening rich food;
Keeping me seated my lover insists that I finish my entrées.
Rubbing my belly and guiding my bites with a smirk and a blithe mood –
Dominantly he does hasten arousal with poise and his sharp gaze.

Moving to join me and help with my struggle to polish my last plate,
Near my large chair he takes up the great duty of forcing my last bite –
Guiding my steps with amusement and awe he admires my slow gait;
Here in my bed we will savor the fruits of my gluttony this night.


With thought and care he makes his way around –
A joyous mood with which he saunters through.
His shirt it seems does little to eschew
The growth so tight upon his torso bound.

His rear and thighs in denim are confined
And each round curve is clearly, amply shown.
It is my piercing gaze that can’t be known;
Behind them lies my wild and carnal mind.

This mind explores his flowing adipose –
That fills and strains on each and every thread;
Of garments oh so small and barely spread –
Across his flesh as he so quickly grows.

A smile does spread across his chubby face
In my direction as my heart does race.

The Rebel

Horror punk feline who’s bold and dramatic and dwells in the shadows –
He is a cat with a presence so big and smooth curves so alluring.
Soft fur and wild hair quite shocking with trinkets and makeup so necrose –
Spotted and spiked with great piercings, his brazen wide smirk’s so enduring.

Knowing his history, mysteries – all that they offer to teach him,
He is a medium sensing the dead and the needs of the living;
Soaking in baths, reading stories and eating his sweets on a free whim,
Pampering’s what he enjoys and he loves to be jolly while giving.

Loving the chase and a seeker of ultimate thrills and excitement,
Raucous and lively is what he wants most when enjoying a great song.
He will not hesitate scratching your face if you’re craving incitement;
Roses have thorns and the sharpened long claws of the rebel are that strong.

The Deviant

Mischievous, ponderous, wild and debaucherous – I am a fat boar;
Darkly inclined, I’m a deviant, bearded eclectic with ardor.
Writing traditional poems and musings of culture and folklore,
Genres of art will inspire me when they are crafted much harder.

Porcine and pudgy this shaggy brown fatty does revel in big chubs.
Teasing and walking with confidence I am quite glad when I show off;
Seeking my fair share of cooking to feed and be fed with soft gut rubs,
I’m not a stranger to gluttony – eating my fill from a big trough.

Masculine, bold and so burly it just might surprise you to know this –
Even while working on projects whose issues are really distressing,
Hope and my humor will always escort me as they are my great bliss;
Big boars like me are romantic and love all things soft and caressing.


It started with a morsel at the diner there –
Which lead to quite a passion of both food and fare
To dine upon; While making sure the food was gone
He quickly had more porcine flesh to look upon.

A critic was the job Carl had which lead to all
The owners of the spots he liked, both big and small,
To give him all the goodies he could handle – with
A tempting price that grew him to a greater width.

It even got so bad in fact a tailor left
Their business card right next to all his ample heft –
While winking with a rooster’s glance quite lurid and
Approving of Carl’s gluttony he gladly scanned.

He huffed into the tailor’s shop while burping low
And waddling to the counter, where his gut did show
The straining of his buttons and his ripping seams –
The sight of which for rooster Ben fulfilled his dreams.

So quickly he disrobed the pig while grabbing at
His massive thighs and wobbling chest so stuffed with fat;
The bashful Carl’s a nervous mess but loves it when
His pudge right there is loved by a much bolder Ben.

A kiss he gave quite firmly there from beak to snout
While knowing that Carl fancies him without a doubt,
And closing up to lead him out – the stylish pig
He deftly clothed, to portions that are surely big.

The Peachwood Diner

The Peachwood Diner is an erotic short story with gay male and fat fur themes. This story features a first encounter between a pig server at a local diner and a college freshman bunny living at the dorms down the street. It features a wholesome kinky style with lots of titillation, arousal and light embarrassment about changing clothing sizes, food eroticism and fat body worship among other elements.

More coming soon.