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Adipophilia Pride Flag

The Adipophilia Pride Flag is a fat fetishism flag created in 2011 for use by the associated fat fetish community. It is intended to describe the wide variety of different fetishes represented by the community, and is meant to represent fat fetishists of all genders and sexual orientations.

Fat fetishism encompasses a wide variety of inter-related fetishes. At it’s most basic level, fat fetishism is an appreciation of size, expansion, adipose, or food related sensations, either in the individual, their partner, or both. Though it is often described as a spectrum, such linear thinking is most often a simplification of a very fluid and dynamic group of fetishes, that are not always as narrow as outsiders may want to characterize them. Although some people have very few specific fetishes, it is not uncommon for people in this group to be interested in multiple avenues of pleasure – not only within the realm of fat fetishism, but also in other fetish arenas.

It is in this particular sense, that the analogy of Neapolitan ice cream flavors comes into play. Each color on this flag represents a different group of fetishes that are aspects of the whole community. Although individuals will have their differences and often arguments with others who have different fetishes, they are all linked by the primary essence that binds their separate kinks into one group – as all three flavors are contained in Neapolitan. Much in the same way that while some people prefer only one flavor of ice cream, some prefer two, and others all three in the Neapolitan box. Sometimes we are in the mood for one flavor, and at other times we are in the mood for another. Although we can all be considered Fat Fetishists, each person’s expression is entirely individual, and their interpretation of this unifying symbol is completely unique.

  • Vanilla is represented by the French vanilla colored stripe on the flag. It is the flavor of fat body worship (FBW). It represents the fetishistic nature of the ample frame of fat people in the raw sense – holistically. Although in certain contexts, vanilla is considered to be a flavor representing a non-fetishist (see vanilla ), it is best understood that although it is often considered a mild flavor, within the context of fat fetishism is it still just as tasty to some as the other two flavors.
  • Strawberry is represented by the pink stripe on the flag. It is the flavor of growth role-play (GRP), and by extension, it is one of the most diverse. Inflation, bloating, stuffing, padding, and even vore can be represented by this flavor, as well as many of the other creative expressions of roleplay and sensory activities that simulate certain physiological/psychological states.
  • Chocolate is represented by the brown stripe. It is the flavor of erotic weight gain (EWG), which includes gaining, encouragement, and feederism. Chocolate can best be understood as a very visceral flavor, that is focused more on the results of gluttony, and the weight it confers on an individual or group of individuals – often two sexual partners.
  • The black stripes on the top and bottom not only frame the Neapolitan colors, but represent other fetishes that fat fetishists often incorporate, including those from BDSM and Leather, and many more.
  • The heart symbol represents fat admiration (FA). The heart symbol ties in not only the meaning of the flag colors, but is respectful of the history of fetish flags dating back to the original leather fetish flag (and those that it spawned) – In the end, this is all about love and affection.

Although this flag has had broad use since its creation, the use of this symbol and its variants are entirely voluntary. It is voluntary because like any symbol of its kind, there are risks as well as benefits – each individual accepting the consequences of their personal solidarity and self-identification with the rest of the fat fetish community.